Services – What We Do

Public RelationsLinda Eckhardt Consulting is a boutique public relations and social media firm with a New York presence and an eye on developing trends in the food and health sectors. Linda Eckhardt Consulting combines years of experience in the food world with the personal attention that can only come from a small firm.

What we can do for you:
Want to raise the profile of your company, introduce a new product, create a website, or write a book, we will help position you to become the thought leader in your industry.

By using both traditional and social media techniques, we can help make your brand the go-to product or service.

Here’s how we do it:
Calling on our colleagues across the country and around the world, we can bring to you a strong team at a most economical cost to develop or enhance your brand, sell your products, and tell your story.

We’ll craft enticing media messages so your product or service will stand out.

Using our deep and wide media contacts, we’ll help your product be THE one the journalists want to write about, show on television or feature on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. You’ll be the inside scoop.

We’ll create targeted pitches that don’t go astray to attract the best editors and television producers to tell your story.

We’ll arrange media interviews, by phone, in person, or online.

We monitor the news daily and will jump on any story or event with a rational tie-in to your product or service. As experienced journalists, we can tie your product to major breaking news where appropriate.

We develop campaigns that are creative, original and lucrative. You’ll see the difference in the bottom line with one of our targeted campaigns. We’ll put you exactly where you need to be in the news.

Our services include:

  • Media booking
  • Press release creation and dissemination with careful follow up
  • Social media management
  • Consulting
  • Media training

Want to Get It Done In A Day?
Let us arrange a New York Public Relations Power Tour for you. In one whirlwind day in New York City, you can make 8 desk side visits to America’s most influential editors and producers.

We’ll put you face to face with editors at America’s top publications so that you can establish a relationship that will serve you and your company for years to come.

If you are seeking clients, selling a product, or building a platform, Linda Eckhardt Consulting is the place to start.